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Recreation at Trinity Lake (Clair Engle Lake) is managed by the U. S. Forest Service under agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation, Northern California Area Office, Redding, California. The reservoir is part of the Whiskeytown - Shasta - Trinity National Recreation Area. A snowmelt reservoir at the 2,387-foot elevation, Trinity Lake was created by Trinity Dam which crosses the Trinity River. The lake is part of the Shasta/Trinity River Divisions, Central Valley Project. Recreating public are accommodated with approximately 26 square miles (16,500 acres) of surface water area and 145 miles of shoreline. Cold and warm water fishing opportunities include kokanee salmon, three trout species include German brown, rainbow, and eastern brook and largemouth and smallmouth bass. Some of the best bass fishing west of the Mississippi exist, some 4 to 5 pound bass (1-pound average) have been taken, plus the largest smallmouth bass caught in California. Best summer method is deep trolling. In the winter, shoreline fishing with bait is the best method.


Located 18 miles north-east of Weaverville in Trinity County, the lake can be accessed via State Highway 299W and California Highway 3.

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