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To go directly to the Blackstone River Valley website click the IN DEPTH button.

The Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor is a special type of national park. It is a region of nearly 400,000 acres located within Worcester County in central Massachusetts and Providence County in northern Rhode Island. The National Corridor was designated by an Act of Congress on November 10, 1986 to preserve and interpret for present and future generations the unique and significant value of the Blackstone Valley. It includes cities, towns, villages and almost one million people. The Federal government does not own or manage any of the land or resources in the corridor as it does in the more traditional national parks. Instead the National Park Service, two state governments, dozens of local municipalities, businesses, nonprofit historical and environmental organizations, educational institutions, many private citizens, and a unifying commission all work together in partnerships to protect the Valley's special identity and prepare for its future.




Car - Route 146 is the main highway running north and south between Providence and Worcester having major intersections with I-95 and I-295 in Rhode Island. Exit 11 on I-90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) will give access to Route 122 and Visitor Information Centers in Worcester and Uxbridge. The Valley is bordered on the east by I-495 and on the west by I-395. Directional signage will point the way to visitor information centers. Visitors traveling north-south on I-95 may take exit 27 or 28 in Rhode Island for the Pawtucket Visitor Center and Slater Mill Historic Site.

Public Transportation - Both Providence and Worcester areas have access to airports, bus terminals, and Amtrak stations.

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