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15:38 min/mi
by fe-lady on Oct 15, 2008
Filed under: running, Notes: Ran with a group of people from Tucson/Phoenix area in 1982
15:59 min/mi
no photoby ultracrockett on Nov 10, 2007
Filed under: running, Notes: My 4th double crossing was my fastest:
17:18 min/mi
by johnnyx on Nov 22, 2004
Filed under: running, Notes: From BA to NRim in 6 hrs 10 min,, ran pretty hard to Indian Gardens, crawled out from there! Ha!
17:18 min/mi
no photoby rigatonifp on Mar 22, 2007
Filed under: running, Notes: 5/20/06. Started at Bright Angel at 4am, reached the North Rim at 10am, finished at 5:50pm.
18:12 min/mi
no photoby amclean on May 18, 2005
Filed under: running, Notes: none
19:35 min/mi
no photoby chris on Jan 14, 2006
Filed under: running, Notes: none
21:53 min/mi
by Chris Gerber on Dec 01, 2006
Filed under: hiking, Notes: We took our sweet time, would like to go back in April or May and see how fast I can do this.
23:23 min/mi
by sean on May 16, 2004
Filed under: running, Notes: Probably could have been faster; took lots of photos and enjoyed scenery.
23:23 min/mi
by tradkelly on May 18, 2004
Filed under: running, Notes: none
23:40 min/mi
no photoby e.splinter on Dec 20, 2007
Filed under: running, Notes:


On May 18, 2004
tradkelly said ...

According to some reputable sources (hee) the total is 13,100', making this almost a double Pikes Peak marathon. I'm expecting the National Parks Topo! database any day, and will upload maps and profile information when it arrives.

This is a fantastically beautiful and fun run. I had no idea what to expect on my first ultra, but it was less difficult than I expected. Yes, the ten miles at the end sucked hard, but it was a worthwhile adventure run that I'm always going to look back on fondly. I'd recommend this to anyone who can run half- distances with no problems, and wants a full day of adventure.

Camping is free just outside the South Rim entrance station and the town of Tusayon (sp?), on FS roads. Makes it easy and cheap to get to the parking lot for your super-alpine start.

On January 1, 2005
johnnyx said ...

I'd be curious to know the exact elevation change for the full 48-mile RRR. I wouldn't disagree that it might be more like 13,000+ feet rather than the 11k estimates I've heard/read about. Heck, it felt like 113,000 feet!

It's now nearly 2 months after my first and only RRR completion (Nov 6th), and I'm almost recovered... The back of my knee (PCL, maybe?) seems to have stretched out and is slowly getting better. (Probably from screwing up my form while running w/ cramping calves!) I'm finally running again and am up to a whopping 6 miles w/o too much pain. The things we do.... I'm ready to try again in the Springtime!

no photo On February 11, 2005
2hotnAZ said ...

Hats off to anyone who can even complete this one. I've hiked Bright Angel and Kaibab trails. This has to be some of God's finest work, it is beautiful!

...BUT...if this is only 8.5/10 difficulty, then you are truly amazing trail runners. Well done!

no photo On May 19, 2005
amclean said ...

With respect the the elevation change, we got a hair over 14,000 up/down on altimeter watch when we just did it. Conditions were great until top of North Rim where there was still some snow, and then the entire way up South Kaibab where we were pounded with rain/hail and snow (April 28th). We walked a bit more than half and still came in at about 14:30. The calves suffered way more than anything else. What a run!

no photo On October 25, 2005
abogado said ...

October 21, 2005, started at 2:00 in the morning. I was not in the greatest of shape, and this was my first ultra, but I had completed a sub-4 marathon three weeks before. Started from North Rim. This late in the season, going out and coming back, missed many views in the North Rim area as we did this in the dark going and returning. The return in the evening up the North Rim was grueling, but not to my running partner.

Next time, I'll carry less water. Plenty along the trail. Two litres are sufficient to have.

On March 19, 2006
johnnyx said ...'s that time of year again...well, the time of year we decided to give it another go anyway.

We're headed up there again on 4/29 to do R2R2R. Should have about 4 or 5 of us going (a dozen or so total doing various distances that day) and plan to start around 3 or 4 am to see if we can finish in the daylight. Gotta get in a few more longer runs though or I'm toast!

no photo On June 28, 2006
jenndean said ...

Looking for people to do rim2rim2rim 10/06

I'm looking for a couple of people to run the rim2rim2rim the weekend of October 7th this year...posibly someone who has done it before. This will be my first ultra, but I'm a good marathoner and have been training hard. E-mail me if you're interested. Thanks!

no photo On December 27, 2006
Jay said ...

Any experience doing R2R2R in May? (say..the middle of May?). Is the temp on floor still bearable at that point? Any guidance would be appreciated.

no photo On January 14, 2007
Russ Henkel said ...

I aam going to hike (nhoy run) the R2R2R Oct 12th of this year (07). Anyone out there interested in joining me. I will be starting out at S Kaibab at around 4AM and trying to finish in less than 21 hours. I will be 61 at the time, but should be in excellent shape at that time. I am a no nonsense hiker with a great sense of self and sense of humor. I did an up and down 5 years ago without real hiking shoes and no poles (it was a spur of the moment thing, during a visit to Sedona). Yes, I was hurting, but made it in 9 hours. This time, I will be ready. I say this to insure anyone that might respond that I will make it and I need anyone joining me to be equally self-assured with ample justification.

no photo On March 22, 2007
rigatonifp said ...

We did the R2R2R on May 20, 2006, and the weather was tolerable. We started at 4am, reached the North Rim at 10am, and finished just before 6pm. We hiked the Bright Angel Trail both ways, simply because of transportation issues to the South Kaibab trail head. Going back through the box (~ base of the north rim until Phantom Ranch) was very hot and mind numbing, but the final stretch up the Bright Angel Trail was not too bad, especially after Indian Gardens (the sun was starting to set at the rim by then, and other day hikers were all over). I carried three 20oz water bottles, a zip-lock bag full of powdered Gatorade, salt pills, and of the food I brought, I used 20 goos, and 6 oz of salami.

no photo On May 27, 2007
Doug Grant said ...

Just returned from R2R2R completed last week of May 07. This is a good time to try it I think. The lower canyon was in the low 90s during this time of year, and North isn't in danger of snowing in toward the end of May.

We were testing our fitness having never done this before, and took a break between the two.

We only ran the 7 mile section on from North between Cottonwood and Phantom, but finished in under 9 hrs. N to S rim.

Agree with bringing two quarts - unless the temp is over 100. There is no water coming down/up S Kaibob, but water is plentiful on N Rim Bright Angel, where most of the mileage is.

We used special salt / electrolyte supplement pills, and Gookinaid. Gookinaid does not have sufficient salt for extreme high temperature we felt. This combo worked well, and we were very energetic on the final hike up S Kaibob.

no photo On July 6, 2007
Michael said ...

anyone interested in doing R2R2R on Sept 29? 2 of us marathon runners are giving it a shot - hoping for 14 hours.

no photo On September 6, 2007
Sean said ...

Hi Michael,

I'm doing it on the 23rd, let me know if your plans change.

no photo On December 20, 2007
e.splinter said ...

JUNE 3 2007 -This was my first attempt at anything like this. I ran, walked, and crawled,(nearly)my way to finish in just under 19:00 hours. I began my run at stay out of the sun and beat the heat as well as i could. Starting temp was 54 derees, however,things changed a bit on the return trip. It reached a sweltering 119 in the box canyon, finishing out the run in the upper 70s. This was my crash course in body managment; water-fuel-salt-heat+cold. I barely made it out under my own power, thanks to the help of some very generous runners I met on the trail..Thanks for the salt tablets! I\'ll be back again soon, only next time I\'ll be more prepared to handle the task at hand.

On December 29, 2007
jminnicks said ...

10/5/2007, Completed my 4th rim to rim to rim (R3), best time was in 1999 at 16 hrs and 4 minutes. I follow the traditional route of the descent of the Bright Angel to Tonto East to South Kaibab to the River and up and down the North Kaibab and then the final ascent of the Bright Angel. The addition of the Tonto gives the participant the full forture of 50 miles. Due to previous knee operations, I do not run any portion of the trails and use trekking poles with a hydration pack consuming over 6,000 calories during the event. I have attemnpted 2 R4s in under 24 hours but wasn't successful in either. I may attempt one more before I turn 60 in 2009. It's a great event but hard on the toenails.

no photo On January 27, 2008
Mark said ...

I've done North Rim to South Rim in about 9 hours and want to try the RRR. I'm looking to join a group that is planning on doing this Spring 2008?

no photo On May 9, 2008
Jerry said ...

Looking for other R2R2R's for a mid Oct 2008 hike/run. I have done this 6x best time was just under 19:00. Would like to hook up with other adventure runners for this years R3.

On June 6, 2008
johnnyx said ...

Did this again on 4/12/08 (my 3rd time doing R2R2R) - more of a powerhike the 1st half and jog/run/hike the 2nd half (~19 hrs total). Lots of rockslides on N Kaibab and a good foot of snow the last mile or so up the North Rim. As always, a hell of a workout and a great time with friends.

Thinking about another one in Oct/Nov...

no photo On June 21, 2008
Michelle said ...

A group of us are running a portion of Rim to Rim the first weekend in Oct. We will be running from the South Rim to the river and back (24 miles). Any suggestions or training tips would be great from those who have ran this course! Also, I see that some of you are looking for people to run with, even though we are not completing the full R2R2R you are welcome to start with us!

no photo On July 1, 2008
gordon said ...

We are doing the double crossing the second week of Oct. 2008. Anybody else going that weekend?

no photo On July 20, 2008
Dale said ...

We are looking at getting a small group to do the R2R2R on Oct 11, 2008

no photo On August 4, 2008
rungirlsl said ...

I'm interested in running R2R2R and can't seem to get anyone from the Los Angeles area to do it too. Is t here any way I could join a group of runners already going?

On April 9, 2009
johnnyx said ...

Thinking about tackling this again late Oct - anyone else? Again, just thinkin', not committing just yet.

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