Whitehorse Weather

Start: Jun 20, 2001 at 12:00:00 PM
Distance: 26.20 mi
Type: Point-to-point, Road
Difficulty: 6 / 10
More Info: Visit Web Site
Phone: 867-996-2368
Filed Under: Running

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From what I can remember, the race takes place along a chewed up road that winds its way through what was once silver mining country in the middle of the Yukon Territory, some 6 hours north of Whitehorse. The surrounding mountains are nothing short of stunning, with the sun remaining above the horizon except for perhaps a 10 to 15 minute span of time around 3:00 am.

From Whitehorse, it's a 350 km drive north on the Klondike Highway to Stewart Crossing, followed by a 51 km trek eastward along the Silver Trail to Mayo.

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no photo On November 26, 2004
brussellsprouts said ...

If you're looking for a marathon and a magical adventure at the same time, I recommend this race. It's in the middle fo nowhere, close to the Arctic Circle, which means races like this can start at midnight on the summer solstice, no problem. It was also my very first marathon.

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