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Start: Jan 23, 2005 at 06:30:00 AM
Distance: 26.20 mi
Type: Loop, Road
Difficulty: 3 / 10
More Info: Visit Web Site
Address: 6967 Sunset Drive S., South Pasadena, FL 33707
Phone: 727 347-4440
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Flat, fast, scenic and USATF certified course showcasing Florida's award-winning beach communities, residential and commercial areas, and public parks. Just three bridges (75', 25', and 25') and three 25' overpasses. Average weather in late January is perfect for distance running and a mid-winter vacation - low 50's - low 70's with small chance of rain. Run on our roads, relax on our beaches! Also Expo, Pasta Dinner, Post-race celebration.

Other Races: 2-person relay (13.1 miles each), 10K

Course Surface
The following numbers were accurate for our 2002 race, give or take a few feet, though these are not as precise as the measurements used for course certification. Please note that minor course revisions for 2005 will alter the following.

The Florida Gulf Beaches Marathon consists of:
* 216 feet of metal grate on our two drawbridges
* 2,130 feet of hard-packed, crushed shell on the nature trail in Taylor Park
* 7,993 feet of concrete, primarily on the bridges and overpasses
* 128,096 feet of smooth asphalt, with hardly any ankle-twisting pot holes
* 138,435 feet total for a 26.21876 mile marathon

Expressed in percentage (rounded to nearest hundredth):
* 0.16% metal grate
* 1.54% crushed shell
* 5.77% concrete
* 92.53% asphalt

The largest concrete portions of our course coincide with our "hills":
* 770 feet on Clearwater Causeway (near start) - 25' high
* 483 feet on Clearwater Causeway (mile 1.5) - 15' high
* 2,577 feet at Clearwater Pass Bridge (mile 3) - 75' high
* 1,718 feet at Park Blvd. Bridge (mile 12) - 25' high
* 794 feet at Park Blvd. overpass (mile 15) - 25' high
* 688 feet at Ulmerton overpass on Pinellas Trail (mile 19) - 25' high
* 646 feet at West Bay on Pinellas Trail (mile 22) - 25' high

Directions to Start Lines
The marathon start and finish line is easily accessible at Clearwater's waterfront, by taking State Road 60 west, which becomes Cleveland Street, to the bay. If you get onto Clearater Causeway to Clearwater Beach, you've gone too far! Actual start line is on the Drew Street Extension, about 200 yards north of Cleveland Street.

The 10K start line is located in Taylor Park. From downtown Clearwater, head south on Alternate 19 (S. Ft. Harrison, which becomes Clearwater-Largo Road), turning west on 8th Avenue SW, entering Taylor Park on left about 1/4 mile. From areas south of Taylor Park, head north on Duhme Road which becomes 113th Street, which becomes Clearwater-Largo Road, turning west on 8th Avenue SW, entering Taylor Park on left about 1/4 mile. From areas east of Taylor Park, head west on West Bay to Clearwater-Largo Road, south to 8th Avenue SW, west to Taylor Park entrance on left about 1/4 mile.

For maps and detailed directions from your location, visit MapQuest and enter "300 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL" for marathon start/finish line and/or "1100 8th Avenue SW, Largo, FL" for 10K start line.

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