Kelly Bates (tradkelly)

Littleton, Colorado 80123
United States
Gender:  Male
Age:  46 - born on Oct 17, 1970
Interests:  climbing, running
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I used to run more. Now I run less. Sean still drags me out on runs. I suffer. I should run more.

I think I'm being bamboozled into a 50miler this spring, so I've been out doing some trailrunning wherever the road has taken me lately; Breckenridge, up until the lifts opened, was a lot of fun, plus a great training venue at around 10k'. I'm discovering the trails around the Springs now too, after taking far too long off from running. Oops, moved to Denver. I'll report after I'm into the scene for awhile.

I used to run semi-professionally; my job in the Army was staying in shape. I had it down to 4-miles a day with 5-minute miles, and longer runs thrown in when I could find young gazelles to fly with. I ran the MCM in DC a couple of times in college, mostly on whims; since, my long runs have been half-marathon distances on the trail, mostly, with no training in between. Anne tells me I should be training more for that and not just using those as my 'training' runs. Yeah, but they're so fun! :)