Sue Wills (susanwills)

Boulder, Colorado 80305
United States
Gender:  Female
Age:  58 - born on Nov 18, 1958
Interests:  running
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Member Since:  May 2004
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I started running with the Mesa Elementary fitness club when my kids attended school there. I witnessed my first Bolder Boulder in 1992 and wished I could participate.It just looked so exciting seeing the crowd at the stadium! I never really liked "sports", at least , I could never get into just watching them. I grew up with older brothers excelling in football/wrestling/ and track, so what was rebellous me supposed to do? I hated sports! I always liked walking or hiking though. In 1993 I began running enough to be able to finish the B.B, which I did the following year and every year since. Winter is very hard for me because I Would like to just watch it(the snow falling), but not enter into it. So I always fall behind when it is cold out, but warm weather always lures me out. I am boring because I run the same road route(or slight variations of it) I do that because I don't have to think about where to go and my mind can wander--in a meditative state.I think that is what I like most about running.
Oh, yeah , couple of years ago I went crazy and got up early to run long distances at the Bouder Res. The marathon crept up on me and I did it! That was something from my "hate sports" days that I swore I'd never do in my lifetime--run a marthon.