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Bill Gillin (clerkjerk)

Memphis, Tennessee 38119
United States
Gender:  Male
Age:  58 - born on May 15, 1958
Interests:  running
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Member Since:  November 2003
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Began running only when the military forced me too. I didn't care for it at all but I was fast enough to be rated outstanding every time. This lasted 8 years until I found the Memphis Hash House Harriers. Hashing made the running fun and I didn't question why. Hashing is not exactly running as much as it is drinking and socializing but it did change my perspective. There were many distance runners who were in the MHHH. I gave them much hell about their running habits and they challenged me to try it. I believed my way was the best, just hashing was good enough for me and should be good enough for everyone else. I set out to run the Boston Marathon and show everyone that a hasher can live in both worlds. Thus began the training. After two failed attempts to qualify for Boston, Memphis & New Orleans in 3:38 I was on my third attempt in Chicago. I visited the La Salle Marathon website and found a story and training program by Hal Higgdon. The 18 week program was just right and I blew away Chicago with a 3:05. At the age of 40 without a lifetime of runing I was qualified for Boston. All I needed was a 3:15. Since then I have run another Memphis, San Diego Rock & Roll and Honolulu. I ran one Sylamore 50k and found that to be the longest I will ever run. I'm more hasher than runner these days but I'm working towards another long run in London.