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This is an informal club that runs in the Richmond County "sandhills" of North Carolina. There are no entry fees or dues to join the club; you just have to complete a Shirt Run by walking, running, or crawling 15 miles from Mangum, N.C. to Ellerbe, N.C. Shirt runs are held sporadically and are not considered a race but rather an opportunity to get out and have a good time while joining the club. Dogs are allowed on social runs at the owners responsibility but are discouraged during club hosted races.

The Mangum Track Club hosts the Ellerbe Springs Marathon, the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie [50mi.], the Seaboard Festival Road Race [5 mi.]. and the Derby 50K.

Regular runs meet in Ellerbe, N.C. on Saturdays and Sundays. Other regular runs include a 6 mile Tuesday 6:15pm run in Rockingham and a Thursday 3-6 mile 5:15pm run in Hamlet, N.C. You can usually find a Mangum Track Club member to run with at other times during the week! See the website: {doug} {mark}

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