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drh ran Monkey Run in 00:43:46
no photoStumpy ran Stumpy's Marathon in 03:50:00
no photodean brim ran Wenatchee Marathon in 16:41:00
Dave ran Tour of Hamlet in 00:54:00
no photobidou ran Boulder Reservoir in 00:47:30
no photomcfly ran Boulder Reservoir in 00:43:11
djbriane ran White Ranch in 01:33:00

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Greenbrier River Trail

  • Currently 2.97/5
3.0/5 (1089 votes)
Marlinton, West Virginia 24954
Filed Under: Cycling, Hiking, Running
Originally a part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, this 76.6-mile abandoned railroad grade has been developed into a long multi-use trail. The trail runs from North Caldwell to Cass, West Virgini ...
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Likely Mountain Challenge

  • Currently 3.28/5
3.3/5 (357 votes)
Alturas, California 96101
Filed Under: Cycling, Hiking, Running
This 7.2 miles of dirt road and 2.2 miles of old broken highway is for the advanced rider wanting to tackle real steep pulls. There is a variety of outstanding vistas and numerous riparian areas that ...
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Mountain Lion Trail - Golden Gate Canyon State Park

  • Currently 3.07/5
3.1/5 (1161 votes)
Golden, Colorado 80401
Filed Under: Cycling, Hiking, Running
Trailheads at Knott Creek/ Bridge Creek, offering 6.7 miles of excellent trail for mountain biking. Located only 30 miles from Denver, Golden Gate Canyon?s hiking trails offer something ...
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Gold Hill Trail

  • Currently 3.30/5
3.3/5 (1567 votes)
Breckenridge, Colorado 80424
Filed Under: Cycling, Hiking, Running, Skiing
Follow the blue diamonds that are located on the trees to follow the trail where it crosses the road or the clear cuts. This trail connects with the Peaks (FDT 45), Miners Creek (FSR 10 ...
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Cliff Ridge Hang Gliding Area

  • Currently 2.90/5
2.9/5 (3191 votes)
Vernal, Utah 84078
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Paragliding
Atop the Blue Mountain Plateau, would-be fliers can enjoy spectacular deep canyons of both the Green and the Yampa Rivers. Directions ---------- From Vernal, go about 30 miles east on US 40. Tu ...
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Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up

  • Currently 3.10/5
3.1/5 (694 votes)
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
September 22, 2007, Filed Under: Climbing, Cycling, Hiking, Horseback, Running
I want to invite you and all your friends to climb, walk, hike, ride, or run up any hill, mountain, rock, staircase, or wall of your choice on September 22 or 23, 2007 to raise funds and awareness for ...
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Fairmount Trail

  • Currently 3.04/5
3.0/5 (516 votes)
Arvada, Colorado 80001
Filed Under: Cycling, Hiking, Horseback, Running
The Fairmount Trail is a Jefferson County Open Space trail that follows a Denver Water Board irrigation canal, starting near the Arvada Reservoir east of S.H. 93 on the south edge of 64th Avenue. Fro ...
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Cowan Lake State Park

  • Currently 3.30/5
3.3/5 (815 votes)
Wilmington, Ohio 45177
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Paddling, Skiing
Cowan Lake State Park offers a peaceful setting replete with scenic inlets laden with the American Lotus water lily. Swimming, fishing, sailing and canoeing are popular on the lake. Meandering trails ...
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Jefferson Lake State Park

  • Currently 3.52/5
3.5/5 (809 votes)
Richmond, Ohio 43944
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback, Hunting, Paddling, Skiing
The sandstone hills of Jefferson County are part of the Appalachian Highlands which envelop the southeastern part of Ohio. In the sandstone bedrock can be found layers of coal which were formed by dec ...
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Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park

  • Currently 3.26/5
3.3/5 (732 votes)
Saint Marys, Ohio
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Paddling, Skiing
Originally constructed as a feeder reservoir for the Miami-Erie Canal, Grand Lake St. Marys was for many years recognized as the largest man-made reservoir in the world. This large lake is the gateway ...
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