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Camping with Lice

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Brighton, United Kingdom
Filed Under: Camping, Cultural, Hiking
I sent the kids to a camp last week. They had been looking forward to so much, and they did have a great time. but they did come across some little bugs they didn't expect to find. [Head Lice](h ...
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Adventure Camp

  • Currently 4.00/5
4.0/5 (1 vote)
Sovata, Mures 540421
Filed Under: Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Running
Outdoor Adventure Camp, and games including rope course, games tirolean stc. ...
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Great Places to Camp in Cornwall

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Penzance, GB
Filed Under: Camping
Got Kids? ---------- Maker Camping at Maker Heights in Millbrook is one of the most fantastic places you could take your kids on a camping holiday. You can enjoy a truly chilled out atmosph ...
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Cliff Ridge Hang Gliding Area

  • Currently 2.90/5
2.9/5 (3191 votes)
Vernal, Utah 84078
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Paragliding
Atop the Blue Mountain Plateau, would-be fliers can enjoy spectacular deep canyons of both the Green and the Yampa Rivers. Directions ---------- From Vernal, go about 30 miles east on US 40. Tu ...
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Cowan Lake State Park

  • Currently 3.30/5
3.3/5 (815 votes)
Wilmington, Ohio 45177
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Paddling, Skiing
Cowan Lake State Park offers a peaceful setting replete with scenic inlets laden with the American Lotus water lily. Swimming, fishing, sailing and canoeing are popular on the lake. Meandering trails ...
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Jefferson Lake State Park

  • Currently 3.52/5
3.5/5 (809 votes)
Richmond, Ohio 43944
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback, Hunting, Paddling, Skiing
The sandstone hills of Jefferson County are part of the Appalachian Highlands which envelop the southeastern part of Ohio. In the sandstone bedrock can be found layers of coal which were formed by dec ...
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Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park

  • Currently 3.26/5
3.3/5 (732 votes)
Saint Marys, Ohio
Filed Under: Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Paddling, Skiing
Originally constructed as a feeder reservoir for the Miami-Erie Canal, Grand Lake St. Marys was for many years recognized as the largest man-made reservoir in the world. This large lake is the gateway ...
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Sekani Adventure Day

  • Currently 3.08/5
3.1/5 (294 votes)
Spokane, Washington 99202
July 11, 2009, Filed Under: Camping, Climbing, Cycling, Hiking, Hunting, Paddling
Bring the entire family for Spokane City Parks and Recreation's exciting day of adventure. Spark your curiosity, learn new skills and have fun with activities such as canoeing, bouldering, kayaking, r ...
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Appalachian Trail - Cosby Campground to Low Gap

  • Currently 3.23/5
3.2/5 (115 votes)
Cosby, Tennessee 64436
Filed Under: Camping, Climbing, Hiking
**Appalachian Trail - Cosby Campground To Low Gap** ---------- A well hidden campground situated in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tenessee and forms part of the Appalachian Trail. Cos ...
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Cleveland Lakefront State Park

  • Currently 3.36/5
3.4/5 (460 votes)
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
Filed Under: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Paddling, Skiing
In the heart of one of Ohio's largest cities, Cleveland Lakefront State Park provides natural relief to the metropolitan skyline. Sand beaches, tree-lined picnic areas and panoramic views of the lake ...
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